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Weight loss
Your health is a journey! Weight loss and weight maintenance is about everyday, healthy living!

attPackaged weight loss plans are available and will be discussed after the  initial consultation.

     Anyone can go on a diet and have successful weight loss.  But, it’s what happens after the diet that is just as important.  If you have not learned new behaviors and a new relationship with food you will gain the weight back.  This cycle of weight gain and weight loss makes it harder the next time to lose the weight—mentally and physically.

     As we begin your weight loss journey, we will start by evaluating you as a whole person.  Are there metabolic reasons for your weight gain or inability to lose weight?  Are there hidden food intolerances that are causing your body to be inflammatory and push your body into a storing capacity?  Are you struggling with depression, anxiety, or high stressors that make it challenging to focus on healthy living?

Many people need to lose weight.

Not everyone needs the same plan, motivation and 

support to reach one's health goals. 

     The goals we create together to help you reach your goal weight are individualized, designed to move at your pace, and offer a realistic plan that provides long-term solutions.  The main focus during our journey is to metabolically get your body back to burning, versus stuck in storing capacity.  This is done by focusing on whole food nutrition, eliminating toxic foods, balance, moderation, and portion size. 

     The benefit of working with Megan, is that you will have on-going support.  Consultations are set up at regular frequencies to monitor your progress and keep you motivated!  Between sessions, Megan is available by phone and email for additional support.  You will also receive regular, motivational emails.  Consultations can be varied in format from in office meetings, to walking sessions, grocery store tours, and home visits to clean out your cabinets. 

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