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Mind-Body Eating

     With so many “diets” on the market, how do we know what eating should look like, as individuals?  If any of the mainstream “diets” were the end-all-be-all then no one would struggle with food.

     Mind-body eating is a groundbreaking approach to creating a new relationship with food, that feels good to a person mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  This psychological approach breaks down all the noise surrounding “right” and “wrong” with food and reframes our eating experience based on what is right for our bodies.

     Mind-body eating coaching is beneficial for:

  • Nighttime overeating
  • Feeling out of control with the amount of food eaten
  • Someone who has been on and off a “diet” for years and just can’t seem to sustain or maintain
  • All or none approaches to dieting and weight loss
  • Breaking down myths about what must happen to lose weight, maintain weight, and feel good in our bodies
  • Someone who has experienced a powerful life or health change or a trauma and feels their body has let them down

     In session, Megan will bridge biology/ physiology with psychology to best help you reach your goals.  This means sessions will cover food and how to nourish your body to reach your health goals in conjunction with addressing how stress and life experiences impact us.

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