Consultations Via Phone or Skype
Whether you live local or out of state, phone or video (Skype or Zoom) sessions are available and offer the opportunity to get the support you need, but not have to commute.
Nourish your body with Nutrition!

    Nutrition consultations are devoted to meeting each client’s needs while focusing on the principles of whole food nutrition, balance, moderation, healthy food selection and meal planning, portion size, and goal setting—all with on-going support.  Emphasis is placed on creating individualized, realistic plans that provide long-term solutions. 

     Initial consultations include a comprehensive discussion on health history and lifestyle patterns, review of any pertinent lab results from a nutritional perspective, body fat analysis and body composition analysis, and initial guidelines for reaching the health goals.  Follow-up sessions focus on support and motivation with new tools to reach one’s goals through a variety of techniques, including stress management, self reflection, self esteem building, and behavior modification.  

     Group sessions are available and can benefit families and couples, as lifestyle changes in the home are not about one person making changes.  Success will depend on the household making a commitment to healthier living.  Friends may want to come in for a group session, which can offer additional peer support and an increase in motivation.


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